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Registration: Law for Legal Linguists – Online

General Legal English – Online

A general introduction to English law, focusing on commercial legal English and its practical application for lawyers and law students.

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Christian FreyRegistration: Law for Legal Linguists – Online
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Collaboration with Enlite Training Institute

in Dubai and London

MHS is pleased to announce its collaboration with Enlite Training Institute in Dubai to provide legal English and skills training courses in UAE.

Together we have designed a new course:

Bridging the Gap between Common Law and Civil Law

This is a 5 day intensive course aimed at legal professionals who work within these two systems of law to communicate effectively in drafting, interpreting and negotiating commercial contracts and legal documents in different jurisdictions.

Course Outline

This is a 5 day intensive legal english course in which you will practice to draft, interpret and negotiate commercial contracts and legal documents in different jurisdictions. This course addresses some of the key differences between the common and civil systems of law and examines the consequences of those differences for commercial and corporate legal practice, in particular drafting, negotiating and interpreting commercial contracts and corporate documents. It is aimed at legal professionals who regularly have to make the leap between two systems of law – either because they are trained in the civil law system but conduct business and legal transactions based on common law principles, or because they have a background in common law and operate in a civil law environment. Our objective is to provide the background knowledge and the practical tools to make that transition easier and to enable delegates to move confidently between the two legal traditions, allowing them to work with agreements and instruments from different jurisdictions.

9:00–11.00Background Session 1:
Basic Principles of Common and Civil Law
Background Session 2:
The Structure of a Standard Common Law Contract
Background Session 3:
The Operative Clauses of a Commercial Contract
Background Session 5:
Breach of Contract and Contractual Remedies
Background Session 6:
International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Tea Break
11:15–13:15Skills Workshop:
Networking Skills for Lawyers
Skills Workshop:
Interviewing and Advising / Conducting Meetings
Background Session 4:
Boilerplate Clauses in Common Law Contracts
Skills Workshop:
Commercial Drafting (Part 1)
Skills Workshop:
Negotiating Skills for Lawyers
(11:15 – 14:15)
Lunch Time
14:00–16:00Skills Workshop:
Modern Letter and Email Writing
Skills Workshop:
Commercial Drafting (Part 2)

Leila MuthCollaboration with Enlite Training Institute
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